The most operative wellness routines are those that fit easily into your daily life. Think of oil diffuser as a less-effort into self-care: they bring elements of wellness into your home, by reconstructing your space into a calm bird nest where you can breathe easier.

For thousands of years, essential oils have found their way into homes because of their aromatherapy uses.

Essential oils are volatile plant oils that improve the air quality of living space. These are natural extracts from the leaves, flowers, and stems of plants.

Essential oils have a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties. Their anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties make them a useful product in your medicine cabinet.

How to use essential oils with a diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that disperses essential oils into the air. There are several types of essential oil diffusers that you can use for this.

With so many options and types of the diffuser, you may confuse to get the perfect one for you. So we decided to help you out and ended up by preparing this guide specific to the best essential oil diffusers for large spaces.

Let’s jump into our list!


BlueHills Premium 2000 ML XL Large Essential Oil Diffuser


BlueHills premium 2000ml XL serves one of the best essential oil diffusers for large spaces due to its large capacity and its ability to cover large space so well.

This product features a huge and easy to clean 2000 ml water tank with 7 different LED light colors and multiple mist modes, and also it features auto switch off that prevents it from overheating in case it depletes from water.

BlueHills has designed this diffuser such that it is best to use in large spaces or halls, it is large in size with premium quality materials.

Its large water hold capacity allows it to run for days in one fill and can run up to 40 hours in low mist with one fill. And enjoy the option to change the mist setting to low or high and color-changing lights.

It is a perfect choice for a nice and innovative gift, this amazing aromatherapy diffuser is a combination of style and benefits.


  • Provides long operating time.
  •  User-friendly i.e-easy to use
  • Holds a great volume of water.


  • Cannot stay on a single color.
  • Need to be cleansed on an occasional basis.
  • Product is featured with lights which cannot be turned off.


COLOR: Dark wood grain

CAPACITY: 2000ml

COVERAGE: 500-550 sq.ft

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 2.10 pounds



Asakuki Large Aroma Diffuser -1.5L 

Enjoy the great atmosphere with Asakuki aroma diffuser. It is the another result of brilliant intelligence which categories this product in one of the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces

Asakuki represents this aromatherapy diffuser with a large capacity of 1.5 L and runs continuously for up to 20 hours and covers 300 to 450 square feet of space, which makes it perfect for large spaces.

This product features super quiet technology and the volume of its working is lower than 15 dB which encourages your room towards relaxation and drops anxiety.

This also provides much-needed moisture for better breathing, fewer allergies, and a more beautiful face and skin. It also features auto shut off when water depletes.

Its absolutely better than your expectations as its not only a best essential oil diffuser but also features a visible water window and has a convenient 7 LED light.


  • Large water capacity
  • 7 LED lights
  • auto shut off


  • No timer, manual turn on-off required
  • Need to be cleaned with lemon juice or with cleanser.
  • People suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues should use distilled or filtered water because it will disperse chlorine and other irritants if tap water is used.


COLOR: White and blue 


COVERAGE: 325sq.ft




GX·Diffuser 1000ml Aromatherapy Humidifier and diffuser 

Enjoy pleasant environment aroma diffuser which brings you fresh air, comfortable environment, and high-quality sleep. Mist spray with fragrance, giving a delightful feeling and relaxes your mind.

This diffuser has a large capacity of 1000ml water tank which makes it perfect to consider as a best essential oil diffuser for  large rooms or spaces.

It has a very unique design that features the upper part as a basin which makes a U-shaped basin and with a wooden cover. And the lower part has 3 Spanish cedar wood legs which make it more attractive.

The internal layout of the aroma diffuser is easy to pour water without overflow water. Also, it can produce mist by ultrasonic under the condition of no noise.

This humidifier goes well for conference rooms, office space, and crowded places, which can improve work efficiency and air quality. And it has such a unique design that it can be cleaned very easily all around.


  • Provides better environment
  • Has large water capacity
  • beautifully designed


  • Occasionally produces more mist.
  • Some people gets addicted.
  • Creates irregular moisture level.


COLOR: White and wooden brown

CAPACITY: 1000ml

COVERAGE: 300 sq.ft

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.4 pounds 



YUEMI AROMASCAPE Essential Oil Diffuser

Adding this diffuser to your home means a great addition to your home that is powered intelligently with the unique function of Wi-fi compatibility which turns it to the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces.

This diffuser is just amazing and makes you to move a step ahead from the common world. Operating this diffuser is very easy, all you need to do is download the companion app to control features like LED color, mist intensity, and many others directly from your phone. And it is also compatible with Alexa and Google home.

The 1000 ml large water tank will give out continuous mist, and it works up to 36 hours after one fill. It creates an ultra-fine refreshing mist to refresh mood and relieve stress.

You can set up the time that it can follow in smart life every day without your interruptions. Its simple table designs make it more fascinating and increase the beauty of the interior of our house.


  • Featured with cool design.
  • Provides not only aromatherapy but also humidifies the room
  • It operates silently.


  • No essential oil in the package.
  • Not specified whether made up of BPA-free plastic.
  • If used without cleaning it can promote bacterial or other diseases.



COLOR: White

CAPACITY: 1000ml

COVERAGE: 300-310 sq.ft

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.66 pounds



Diffusers for Essential Oils, Essential Oil Diffuser, 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you are looking for a lovely, considerate gift for families, friends, or beloved ones, for Christmas or other holidays, VicTsing by Homasy aromatherapy oil diffuser with essential oil set’s is the best choice. It is the best essential oil diffuser for large space as well.

It is multifunctional, healthy, exquisite, for everyone who advocates a positive lifestyle.

VicTising essential oil diffuser comes with an enlarged water capacity of 500 ml to extend the running time up to 15 hours of consistent fragrance.

This product has a convenient timer safe auto-off function according to your different needs.

This essential oil diffuser provides you the refreshing and natural scent of lemongrass or sweet orange which helps you to concentrate on your work.

Every cold and dry winter requires more humidification for a comfortable space, then VicTsing ultrasonic diffuser with essential oil sets to show its miracle.

Homasy aromatherapy essential oil diffuser features 14 color lights ( light or dim, freeze color or cycle through) and smart function.


  • Helps to add moisture to the air
  • easy to use and clean
  • scent is strong and a little bit of oil goes long away


  • Small water reservoir as compared to others.
  • Regular humming can be irritating at some point.


COLOR: Black


COVERAGE: 296-323 sq.ft



An essential oils diffuser creates a calming space and shows a stress decreasing effects of essential oil and improves sleep quality.

These also depletes pet and smoke odor.

We hope our guide helped you to discover the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces.

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